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25 July 2016

e2v releases its first military temperature grade DDR3L memory solution 

e2v has announced the release of its first DDR3L memory offering that operates from -55°C to 125°C for demanding applications.

The new memory device, EVMT41K128M16JT, is a 2Gb DDR3L SDRAM and has been repackaged by e2v to withstand harsh environments, usually encountered by aerospace and defense systems. Sized at just 8mm x 14mm with a minimum operating voltage of 1.35V, its impeccable design means that it can support system simplification in modern designs, while remaining backwards compatible with systems operating 1.5V DDR3 memory.

This DDR3L has standard 8n-bit prefetch architecture and is internally configured as an 8-bank DRAM. It has programmable read and write latency, with an incredibly fast access time of 1066 MT/s. Operating with a power consumption decrease of over 10% when compared to DDR3, it dramatically reduces power supply demands, system cooling requirements and potential packaging density.

Mont Taylor, Vice President of Business Development at e2v inc, commented, “We’re excited to offer an advanced DDR3L memory solution with a military temperature range. The reduced power consumption and high performance satisfies the harsh demands of ruggedized embedded systems and helps reduce special cooling requirements.”

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